This Jawn Matters 101: How to Nominate a Building to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

By State of Young Philly (other events)

Sunday, November 13 2016 1:00 PM 3:00 PM

If someone wants to protect a historic place they love, how can they do that? One great way is to nominate a building for listing on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Anyone can nominate a building to the local register, but the preservation jargon can be intimidating for those outside of the field. Through this event we hope to guide people toward the next step, beyond a photograph and a hashtag, to concrete and tangible action to protect the buildings they love. Our goal is to make the nomination process transparent and digestible for laypeople, and start event attendees on the process of completing their first nomination. The event will highlight the young professionals currently working in preservation, connecting attendees with historians, professors, architects, journalists, and building tradespeople. We will organize follow-up activities and/or events to answer questions and complete nomination forms, and encourage attendees to connect with YFPA Steering Committee members throughout the research and writing process.

Mailing Address

Young Involved Philadelphia PO Box 40699 Philadelphia, PA 19107