Asian Mosaic Fund -South Philly "Pop-Up" Community Visit & Tour

By State of Young Philly (other events)

Saturday, November 19 2016 11:30 AM 1:00 PM

Join us to learn more about the issues that are facing the residents of South Philly's ethnic neighborhoods and the importance of community non-profit work in the city. We'll then top off the tour with a delicious Southeast Asian lunch at a local restaurant!

Presented by the Asian Mosaic Fund (AMF) Giving Circle of Greater Philadelphia with the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition (SEAMAAC).

Visit highlights:

  • Hear from SEAMAAC’s directors and outreach workers on the diverse immigrant/refugee communities in the region. Learn more about how to best serve these families and hear stories of their own journeys to America.
  • Tour and check out some of the classes offered to the community, such an Indonesian Cancer Prevention Workshop, ESL Citizenship and Computer Literacy classes.
  • Learn how you can get more involved and help support vulnerable minorities, all over a delicious lunch


The AMF "Pop Up" Community Visit and Tour with SEAMAAC aims to offer the following: 

  • Expose young professionals/leaders in the importance of witnessing the hard work of community-based organizations first-hand.
  • Highlight the courageous history of the residents in the area, as well as, the people that work hard in supporting them.
  • Expose the issues that impact these people (ex. urban renewal on low-rent housing and small businesses, the roles played by corporations and government agencies, etc.).


Established in 2010, the Asian Mosaic Fund Giving Circle of Greater Philadelphia is a diverse group of multigenerational donors committed to advancing the well-being of the Greater Philadelphia Asian and Asian American community. We envision a flourishing Asian and Asian American community made up of safe, thriving, and diverse sectors, strengthened by dynamic
leadership that empowers the Asian and Asian American community to fully participate in all levels of society. AMF is a member of the AAPIP National Giving Circle Network, as well as, The Philadelphia Foundation.

Founded in 1984, the  Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition (SEAMAAC) has over 2 decades of experience serving and advocating for refugees, immigrants, and asylees in the Greater Philadelphia area, and continues to bring issues affecting immigrants/refugees to the forefront for policy makers and other health and social service agencies. SEAMAAC currently maintains programs in translation, ESL, job training, youth programs, elderly programs, truancy prevention and health (prenatal care, Hepatitis B, HIV, lead poisoning, tobacco). Annually SEAMAAC serves approximately 1,500 immigrants, refugees and asylees.


Mailing Address

Young Involved Philadelphia PO Box 40699 Philadelphia, PA 19107